I had a great experience at Ascent Audiology. Dr. Clifton is very thorough with his exam and he has the latest up to date technology in his office. I have had my hearing aids for two months now and I am absolutely thrilled with them. I am hearing things I haven't heard in years with clarity. Dr. Clifton called me after I had my hearing aids for a few days and asked if I liked them and I told him that I loved them and was hearing things that I hadn't heard in years. He also asked if I was having any problems with them. I told him only one problem. He said oh ok , what's the problem, I told him that I had not told my family that I had gotten some hearing aids, and like I said I heard them saying things they had no idea I could hear. So my problem was that after hearing their "private" conversations I had to change my will 3 different times :-) Just kidding about that but super serious about the quality of care and the quality of the hearing aids. Thank you Dr. Clifton for making my life a lot less stressful because I can now hear extremely well. God bless you, Randy Green
Randy Green, on Google
These were very professional and very pleasant. I felt they had my best interest in mind.
Jim Testa, on Google
Love this place, the people who work there are very helpful, explained everything so I could understand it. I highly recommended.
Laurie Fontaine, on Google
Bethany is wonderful and such a great help. I'm so happy I chose Ascent Audiology. Thank you so much
Theresa Z, on Google
My appointment was perfect. I did not have to wait to be seen. And Natalie was friendly and competent. She also took time to answer all my questions and concerns.
Jane Smith, on Google

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